Drawn by Colin, Art As Inquiry, Fall 2013


My last semester at San Francisco State University has come to a close. Yet, I yearn to continue to build, make and create. This hunger thrives on the enjoyment of exploring different mediums and using new materials.

New territory is soon to be explored through Stop Motion Animation. My interest in this subject started in middle school where I was able to film and animate an environment for a school project. Within a small cardboard box, I constructed a paper park. The figures were made out of clay depicting a mouse being chased by a cat, who is running from a dog. Although I lost the film, I remember the experience of working with a camera, creating a story board and building a set.

This past month, I’ve been constructing paper into pop-ups and allowing myself to expand on creating an environment using this process. To narrate this current pop-up installation, I will explore and incorporate Stop Motion into my work.