Contact:  monajvm@gmail.com

Mona Marcos is an interdisciplinary artist born in between two cities, San Francisco and Daly City. With an emphasis in Studio Art practices, her body of work consists of collaborating with various artists, volunteering at local events and leading art demonstrations within her community. .

Mona lives and works in the Bay Area.

Artist Statement

Our natural environment is a vast land I explore, observe, and unify by utilizing found materials into figurative or abstract forms. Through methods of painting, printmaking, weaving, and sculpture, I combine these techniques to utilize the discarded. Resonating on each canvas is a depiction of nature, humans, animals, and folkloric beings. Connecting materials together through meditative processes, such as weaving yarn through wood, visually altars the structural form. A variety of unique methods are applied to not only enhance the object’s beauty, but to be a conscious resourceful individual within this consumer based society.

Contact:  monajvm@gmail.com


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